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Our Construction Services offer complete turnkey solutions including dock leveler pit construction, truck restraints, scissor lifts, and scales. In addition, we also have the ability to concrete saw cutting and demo, core drilling and bollard installation, steelyard, and also ADA wheelchair ramps.

Construction Services to Maximize Safety & Efficiency

Total customer satisfaction is our number one goal. After the installation is complete, you can schedule service or even use our 24-hour emergency service with our trained repair professionals to keep your equipment in top shape for many years to come.

Building a Loading Dock

Designing a loading area requires some careful planning. For safe and successful operations, typical loading dock dimensions need to be considered, along with the size and number of trucks you expect to service. Spectrum Facility Solutions. can help you devise a strategic plan before we break ground in building a loading dock area.

Number of Bays

The first thing you should decide before building a loading dock is how many trucks you’ll need to accommodate. Loading-bay dimensions stipulate a door width of 7.5 to 10 feet, depending on the trailer size. And also, factor a minimum of 12 feet between each dock. Consider these numbers when determining the number of bays your current structure can feasibly fit.

Type of Dock

In configuring the layout of your dock, it’s essential to know the type you’re going to be using. There are a few different styles of loading bays:

  • Open
  • Flush
  • Saw-tooth
  • Enclosed

The most popular type of dock you’ll run into is the flush style, where bays line up with the exterior of the building. Yet, a bumper is still required to prevent the truck from backing into or damaging the structure. A typical size for this bumper is about 4 feet.

Apron Area

Because trucks are so long, their drivers need sufficient room to position the vehicle in front of the bay. The designated space to do this is the apron; you’ll need to think carefully about the average length of the trucks you’ll bring into the dock. Maneuverability distance should be 5 to 10 feet, more than twice the trailer size.

Approach Angle

Whether trucks are traveling downward, upward, or on level ground to get to your loading dock may significantly impact how you design your bays. Proper bumpers need to be installed to factor in this angle so trucks can park easily without causing damage to your building.

At Spectrum Facility Solutions LLC., we’re well-equipped for loading dock construction. We work with you and will be with you every step.

Loading Docks, New Construction or Service, Spectrum Doors, Phoenix AZ
Loading Docks, New Construction or Service, Spectrum Doors, Phoenix AZ

Loading Dock & Concrete Construction Services

Construction Services , Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix Arizona
Dock Leveler Pit Construction

We specialize in complete dock leveler pit construction.  From start to finish, we are able to handle any pit construction your facility may need.  We are able to construct new dock leveler pits from scratch as well as repair current dock pits.

We can also quickly handle repairs for existing concrete docks and ramps.
  • Complete Concrete Dock Leveler Pit Construction, Hydraulic, Air Powered, and Manual
  • New Concrete Dock Ramps
  • Concrete Edge Repair and Reinforcement
  •  Replace Damaged Concrete and Edge Metal.
New Concrete Saw Cutting

We provide concrete cutting and coring services for projects of all sizes, from large industrial projects to small commercial jobs. Our construction services include walls, floors, foundations, slabs, and curbs as well as concrete that is hard to reach and reinforced concrete.

Spectrum Facility Solutions can also add additional shipping docks and/or doors to your existing warehouse.  Our experts are able to construct a new dock and door placements in existing concrete walls for your new installation.

Concrete Cutting
  • Cut an opening in any concrete wall or floor measuring any size.
  • Cut an opening in a brick or block wall measuring any size.
  • Cut an opening in any size wall to make way for a gate in a private business.
  • Used a flat saw to cut area and removed to an outside area for expanding work areas
  • Cut trenches in a concrete slab for wire trenches
Service & Concrete Repair
  • Modify loading docks for scissor lift installations
  • Removal of concrete debris
  • Slab Breaking for new installations
  • Break a concrete slab
  • Stress Crack Repairs
  • Concrete ” Settling ” cracks repairing
Construction Services , Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix Arizona
Core Drilling – Bollard Installation

Core drilling bollards are the safest way and most secure way to install a bollard into concrete surfaces. These installations provide maximum security and ensure the bollards cannot be tampered with as they are a solid installation.

We have the right equipment and expertise to give you a great finish and ensure maximum security is achieved. Core drilling is common for 2 types of bollards:

In-ground and Removable.

In-ground Bollards cannot be removed once installed and will remain solid in the ground. This is usually done with concrete around and inside the bollard OR a hardened epoxy around the bollard base. We provide you both options.

Removable Bollards can be removed by a key. This is a great way to save parking spots or if you need temporary security at times. These bollards are core drilled, then a sleeve is installed to house the bollard, once the sleeve is installed the bollard will sit inside the sleeve and lock into position with the key. We also provide plastic covers for the holes once the bollard is removed. The cover is removable also ensuring you can plug and unplug your bollard as many times as needed.

Construction Services , Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix Arizona
Loading Docks, Commercial Doors & Service Spectrum Doors, Phoenix AZ
Construction Services , Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix Arizona
Steel Yard Ramps & ADA Wheelchair Ramps

Spectrum Facility Solution offers multiple Steel Yard Ramp and ADA Wheelchair Ramps options for your facility that allow easy access.  These ramps allow for quicker turn-around times at your facility, which helps increase your profits.

Yard Ramps, also called Portable Loading Ramps are a safe and cost-effective answer to many loading dock issues.

High Capacity Steel Yard Ramps
  • All steel welded construction
  • Capacities from 60,000 to 100,000 pounds
  • Steel serrated grating
  • The beveled approach provides a smooth transition
  • Safety chains included securing Yard Ramp to the dock or trailer
  • Uses sturdy I-beam construction for strength and durability
  • Widths available up to 144” (Ramps may be shipped in two parts to meet transportation regulations)

The ADA Wheelchair Ramps are developed to meet the more stringent code demands of IBC and state building codes. It is fully customizable and can be configured to meet other specialized demands as required. The simple, modular design ensures easy setup and the ability to reconfigure and relocate the system.

  • 10-year warranty
  • Non-combustible and heavy-duty welded aluminum construction
  • Bidirectional knurled tread forms a rugged skid-resistant surface
  • 3 handrail options: 42″ guardrail, 38″ handrail, 38″ 2-line rail
  • Special manufacturing to meet needs beyond the modular system

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