Overhead Door Preventative Maintenance Plans

Over 30 years of experience, we provide our customers with quality, honest, and affordable Preventative Maintenance Plans performed by our technicians. Our Maintenance Program is an ideal way to detect potential problems early, ensure safe operation, and also prevent equipment failures.

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Comprehensive Overhead Door Preventative Maintenance Plan Throughout Arizona

The Preventive Maintenance Program aims to establish consistent routine maintenance of your equipment for longer life, more reliable product performance, and early detection of operational malfunctions. Our extensive experience has taught us that periodic preventive maintenance inspections can reduce downtime and significant repair expenses while extending the operational efficiency of your commercial doors.

We’re a full-service commercial garage door repair and maintenance company that performs comprehensive services for a range of different commercial door products. Don’t let a slow or damaged commercial overhead door slow down your business.

  • Avoid Downtime.
  • Reduce Costly Repairs.
  • Prolong the life of your Custom Commercial Garage Doors/Dock Equipment.
  • Improve Safety for your employees.
  • Security for your business.
  • Increase Productivity and Profitability.
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Commercial Preventative Maintenance Plans

Preventive Maintenance will ensure the optimal operation of your commercial doors and prevent service downtime for many years. Our service professionals are courteous, friendly, and here to serve you. Creating relationships through honest service is our number one goal.

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Sectional Doors

The following service and inspections will be provided as part of the Commercial Preventive Maintenance plan.

  • Inspect condition of sections
  • Inspect the alignment of the door to ensure proper operation
  • Disconnect the operator and operate the door manually to check for smooth operation
  • Lubricate and inspect rollers and bearings
  • Lubricate springs
  • Inspect spring fastener for secure mounting
  • Inspect and tighten hinges and hardware
  • Inspect cables and drums for wear and damage
  • Inspect track for damage
  • Inspect and lubricate chain hoist
  • Inspect weather-strip for wear and damage
  • Inspect safety labels, placement, and condition
  • Inspect doors for compliance with all safety, fire, and ADA codes

We provide a written estimate for any needed repairs to the door and hardware.


The following service and inspections will be provided as part of the Commercial Preventive Maintenance plan.

  • Inspect and adjust limit switches
  • Inspect and adjust belts
  • Inspect and lubricate roller chain
  • Inspect and adjust the brake
  • Inspect operator mounting
  • Inspect and test disconnect
  • Inspect and tighten all sprockets
  • Lubricate bearings
  • Inspect safety labels, placement, and condition

Inspect operators for compliance with all safety and fire codes

Rolling Doors and Rolling Fire Doors

The following service and inspections will be provided as part of the Commercial Preventive Maintenance plan.

Rolling Doors
  • Inspect door alignment and level door
  • Inspect slats and endlocks for damage
  • Inspect and tighten fasteners
  • Inspect and lubricate chain hoist
  • Inspect locks for proper operation
  • Inspect and tighten all sprockets and shaft collars
  • Inspect all weather-stripping for wear and damage
  • Adjust spring and lubricate bearings
Rolling Fire Doors
  • Drop test door
  • Inspect fusible links and replace painted fusible links
  • Check that door is appropriately reset
  • Test smoke detector, where applicable
  • Test hold-open devices and time delays
  • Test electric fusible links for the continuity

Inspect doors for compliance with all safety, fire, and ADA codes

Construction Services to Maximize Safety & Efficiency

We provide construction and building services from all phases of the design and construction process to maintaining and improving facilities. Specialty repair work includes saw cut/demo concrete and asphalt, placing and finishing all concrete, carbon fiber concrete reinforcement, specialized waterproofing systems, deck coatings, loading dock equipment repair/ installation, and installation of material lifts.

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Pit Construction

We specialize in complete dock leveler pit construction.  From start to finish, we are able to handle any pit construction your facility may need.  We are able to construct new dock leveler pits from scratch as well as repair current dock pits.

Concrete Cutting

We provide concrete cutting and coring services for projects of all sizes, from large industrial projects to small commercial jobs. Our construction services include walls, floors, foundations, slabs, and curbs as well as concrete that is hard to reach and reinforced concrete.

Bollard Repair or Installation

Core drilling bollards are the safest way and most secure way to install a bollard into concrete surfaces. These installations provide maximum security and ensure the bollards cannot be tampered with as they are a solid installation.

Loading Dock Repair

Loading Dock repairs for dock equipment are fairly common because they are high-traffic, weight-bearing areas. The constant use of forklifts and pallet jacks cause wear and damage to the dock area and directly affect safety and productivity.

Repair & Replacement Services:

Some of the repairs and replacement services we offer include:

  • Loading dock repair
  • Dock seal replacement
  • Loading dock door repair
  • Dock leveler repair
  • Loading dock bumper repair
  • Pit leveler repair
  • Edge dock repair
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Every part of loading dock equipment, from a repair to an annual maintenance service, is essential to ensure safety and the danger of downtime if damaged or degraded.

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