Rasco’s Bug Blocker Screen Doors

An Economical & ideal Solution For Screening Unwanted Pests From YourFacility.

Bring the fresh air in and keep the bugs out with Rasco’s Bug Blocker Screen Doors, designed to add security, ventilation, and pest control to your garage doors. Great for food manufacturers and has been tested at a USDA laboratory to develop our stainless steel screen for pest control. Choose from various mesh sizes to keep out insects and animals of all sizes—even cicadas.

 Bug Blocker Screen Doors

The Bug Blocker® Screen Door retrofits with your existing door for a custom fit. Completely sealed for pest prevention and OSHA-compliant fall protection makes for happy inspectors and employees. The proven benefit of our Bug Blocker Screen Doors is the security aspects and helping you comply with the new federal mandates on your loading dock areas. Robust stainless steel mesh sectional doors allow you to let in the fresh air while keeping the pests out!

Screen Doors for Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, AZ
Versatile Options to Suit Any Commercial Door Need

These are an economical and ideal solution for screening out bugs, birds, and other unwanted pests from your industrial facility. They also allow fresh air into your building while acting as a physical barrier, deterring theft and trespassing.

Industries Served
  • Airports
  • Military facilities
  • High-security locations
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Food and beverage processors

The industrial overhead screen door system works in conjunction with your existing door. The #12 mesh Bug Blocker® door also provides a physical security measure to help prevent unauthorized entrance. It is lockable with the ability to be motorized. An added benefit is that ventilation from outside air helps minimize odors, fumes, and vapors in your product storage and processing areas.

Experience the Difference with Rasco’s Bug Blocker Screen Doors

The stainless steel wire mesh provides pest protection, high-end security, and ventilation for commercial and industrial applications. The Bug Blocker product family comes in various mesh sizes to meet your needs. Whether you’re keeping out the bad guys, discouraging mosquitoes, or need a combination of both. The Rasco’s Bug Screen will work for you.

Screen Doors for Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, AZ
Strength of Steel

Stainless steel wire mesh that meets federal specification STD A-A-1037B. Our aluminum frames and commercial-grade hardware is custom developed for your doorway.

Security & Safety

Our steel doors provide security, fall-safe protection, and inventory control while bringing fresh air in. It also meets OSHA requirements and helps prevent loading dock injuries while increasing efficiency for your team with natural ventilation and light.

Pest Control

Choose from a variety of mesh sizes to keep out people, bugs, birds, and rodents. Designed to comply with industry regulations and keep your inventory secure.

Natural Ventilation

Industrial screen doors that keep your space well-ventilated without sacrificing security. Improve the well-being of your employees without increasing costs.

Industry Compliance

Helping you comply with Homeland Security, FSMA, AIB, HACCP, USDA, FDA, Food Defense, HARPC, OSHA, ISO, and other quality, safety, and security programs.

LEED & ECO Friendly

Rasco doors are built from steel, the most recyclable product on the planet. And safely keep pests out without resorting to harmful chemicals.

Mesh Sizes for Every Need

Our meshes meet the following industrial wire cloth standards:
304 Stainless Steel, Federal Spec. A-A-1037, ASTM Spec. E 437, ISO 9044

Screen Doors for Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, AZ
12 Mesh

3-4 Stainless Steel

12 x 12 openings/inch

0.023″ (opening μm* 153)

0.0660 opening width

52.4% free area

Screen Doors for Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, AZ
16 Mesh

3-4 Stainless Steel

16 x 16 openings/inch

0.018″ (opening μm* 113 )

0.0445″ opening width

50.7% free area

Screen Doors for Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, AZ
30 Mesh

3-4 Stainless Steel

30 x 30 openings/inch

0.011″ (opening μm* 56)

0.0223 opening width

44.9% free area

Screen Doors Lift & Track Types:

Our doors are custom designed and manufactured to your exact specifications providing a premium fit you won’t find anywhere else.

Lift Types:
  • Vertical Lift
  • High Lift
  • Standard Lift
  • Behind Rolling – Vertical Lift
  • Behind Rolling – High Lift
  • Behind Rolling – Standard Lift
  • Fixed in Opening
  • A panel in the Top of the Opening
  • Fully Custom
Track Options

Add a second track for your screen door, or choose our industry-leading switch track system for seamless integration with your existing door.

  • Dual Track
  • Switch Track
Screen Doors for Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, AZ

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