Loading Dock Traffic Lights

Loading dock safety is always a concern, and companies like you are probably always looking for ways to improve it. Installing Loading Dock Traffic Lights is a simple but extremely effective way to protect truck drivers, forklift operators, and other personnel from potential accidents.

Loading Dock Lights & Traffic Control, Be Protected, Safe & Secure.

Adding a flashing red and green communication light system informs truck drivers outside and loading dock personnel inside about the status of the loading or unloading operations. Manage traffic flow and prevent unscheduled truck departures and trailer entries; Loading Dock Lights and Traffic Control notify truck drivers when it is safe for them to pull away from the loading bay.

Ideal Warehouse Dock Traffic Control

Cost-effective, worthwhile investment with the lowest lifetime ownership cost. The most inexpensive way to feel protected, safe, & secure against catastrophic accidents due to poor visibility and or miscommunication between the truck driver and dock attendant.

Stop & Go Signaling Systems

Stop & Go Signaling Systems alerts truck drivers and dock personnel to docked or docked trucks’ safety status. The lights increase safety by providing visual communication where a positive go or no-go signal is required.

Common Applications:

  • Loading Docks
  • Car Washes
  • Parking Lots and Garages
  •  Drive Thru Windows
  • Controlled Access Entrances

Available in many models as LED or incandescent lighting.

  • Models with long life, energy-efficient LEDs, or economical incandescent signal lamps.
  • Available in two unit sets (for mounting on opposite sides of the door) or single units that can stand alone or be connected to auxiliary safety systems.
  • Durable plastic housing (in safety yellow or black) will not rust, pit, or corrode.
  • Integral eyebrow-type sun visors provide extended visibility while shielding the lights from rain and snow.
  • The shallow depth of the unit reduces the risk of damage, and convenient mounting holes provide simple installation.
  •  UL & cUL Listed – Available in 12VDC, 24VDC, and 115VAC.
Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
LED Loading Dock Guide Light Set

Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ LED Loading Dock Guide Light Set provides drivers with a visual target to align the truck trailer with the dock door. The Guide Light Set is especially useful in low-light environments like enclosed dock bays and is bright enough to improve the visibility of the dock opening even in daylight! The guide lights may also be installed inside the building to mark the door openings for forklift operators and other warehouse personnel.

Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
Dock Traffic Control Accessories

Loading Dock Warning Signs

  • Increase Dock Safety
  • High Contrast and Visibility
  • Simple and Direct Instruction
  • Durable and Light Weight
Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
TCS-3000 Sure-Dock

Sure Dock Ensures Trailers Are Spotted Easily At Your Loading Docks Every TIme! 

Safety first! Looking through their mirrors, truck drivers can safely center their truck and/or trailer between the Sure-Dock. Docking maneuvers can be dangerous and costly when mistakes are made due to poor visibility. The Sure-Dock ensures trailers are spotted easily at your loading docks every time!

Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
TCS-3000 Sure-Lite

The Sure-Lite is an unrivaled, low-cost alternative to maintaining communication between truck drivers and loading dock attendants. The red and green LED lights are instantly understood as “Stop” and “Go”, providing clear signals to dock attendants inside and truck drivers outside the building.

Safety is maintained through clear communication, while damage to loading docks, equipment, buildings, and injury to personnel is avoided, saving thousands of dollars in costly repairs and/or worker compensation claims.

Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
Bright Guide

Identifies Docks – Improves Visibility – Safely & Accurately Guides Vehicles

  • Maintenance-free optical fabric provides high visibility in low light situations and all weather conditions.
  • The advanced microprism reflective system is protected by a smooth outer skin that easily wipes clean.
  • Sealed to a flexible backing complete with brass grommets to allow for easy bolt-on installation.
  • It returns 3 to 4 times the light of conventional glass bead reflectors and is equally effective when wet or dry.
  • Ideal for indoor loading docks where guiding trailers is difficult because the outside light creates dark dock areas.
  • Bright Guide is installed vertically, slightly below the dock bumper and/or dock leveler, at 108” center to center.
Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
TopDok Stop & Go LED Communication Light Set

An improved LED communication system expands Stop & Go coverage to the top of a dock door. These signal lights integrate with professionally installed dock restraint systems, changing from red to green when entering a properly secured truck is safe. Sold as a set, one unit for each upper corner of a dock door, they are installed above the door header with the included stand-off pipe. Use the Linear Light for full-coverage door signaling that reduces the risks of accidents.

The Linear Light can be used inside or outside a loading dock door. When installed outside, it fits easily between close sitting docks. Combine with the corner set for full-coverage door signaling. 33 bright LEDs switch from red to green via a user-supplied remote switch.

Allied Solutions Dock Traffic Lights

Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
Edge Lights

A light communication system is an important safety component at any loading dock. You can enhance this communication by adding the Edge Lights to the interior wall above the dock door.

Edge Lights flash either red or green and are an added level of safety that becomes visible to any dock worker when it’s safe or not to enter the trailer.

Integrate these Edge Lights with any vehicle restraint controls for an automated communication level to ensure a safe loading process.

  • Communication Lights for Safe Loading
  • Mount Above the Interior Top Corners of the Dock Door
  • Lights Extend Along the Top Edges of the Interior Dock Door Opening
  • Integrate with a Vehicle Restraint and/or Light Communication from Brands of Systems
  • Extended Lights Change Between Red and Green
  • Middle Cautionary Amber Light to Warn of Fault or Bypass Conditions
  • Lights Act as a Clear Indication to Dock Workers of When its Safe to Enter the Trailer
Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Flex LED Docklite

The Phoenix FLEX LED docklite® provides light comparable to an incandescent dock light with a 150W PAR38 lamp. With its minimalist construction and sleek profile, the Phoenix FLEX LED exudes style in an often otherwise utilitarian environment. Its compact design minimizes the potential for unintended impact with overhead doors or fork trucks on loading docks.

When impact does occur, the flexible arm and hinged bracket allow the fixture to swing easily out of the way. With no filament to break, the solid-state light source readily withstands impact. The FLEX LED is energy efficient and extremely low maintenance.

  • Energy efficient – operates on 10W
  • A flexible arm offers great flexibility in positioning
  • Uses 84% less energy than 150W models
  • High-temperature polymer housing resists denting and wear
  • Provides light comparable to an incandescent 150W PAR38 lamp
  • Vented housing help maintain LED longevity
  • Long-life LEDs (rated 50,000 hours) deliver bright, uniform, instant-on light
  • Solid state lighting proves far more durable than incandescent sources with no filament to break.
  • Easy installation mounting bracket compatible with most dock light mounting hardware
  • Polycarbonate is available for food applications at not extra charge.
Loading Dock Traffic Lights Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix AZ
TRUCK -E Blue fork truck light

The TRUCK-E light is an innovative blue forklift light that helps avoid forklift and pedestrian collisions by shining a bright blue warning beam on the ground behind the forklift.

Back-up alarms can be effective, but with many audible distractions in a building, a visual warning can help further protect your employees. The TRUCK-E light is a simple and cost-effective warning tool that works alongside of your current backup alarm.

  • Two blue Cree LED lights per unit
  • Light mounts to the back of vehicle
  •  Life expectancy is 50,000 hours
  • Provides ample warning to pedestrians and other forklifts in the area
  • Light is available in multiple voltages ranging from 12V to 96V
  • Operating temperature -40º F to 150º F
  • Heavy aluminum construction offers full protection from dirt and water.

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