Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

Vertical storing dock levelers are hydraulically operated and offer unmatched environmental control for customers with food storage or temperature-sensitive applications. The Poweramp Vertical Storing Dock Levelers allow the overhead door to form a perfect seal to the pit floor by storing in the vertical position. VS Series levelers offer improved cleanliness, overhead door protection, increased security, productivity, and easy maintenance.

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Poweramp Poweramp Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

Unmatched Environmental Control

Environmentally Friendly

The Poweramp-VS series leveler stores in the vertical position allowing the door to form a perfect seal to the pit floor. Compared to “pit style” levelers, which can radiate expensive conditioned air to the outside of the building in the stored position, vertical storing levelers can produce savings equivalent to one ton of refrigeration in the stored position alone. A variety of deck, pit, and face-mounted draft seals can deliver even more significant savings, reducing energy loss while the vertical leveler is in use.


Highly regulated industries such as the food industry choose Poweramp-VS series levelers for cleanliness improvements in the dock area. Access for cleaning, overall visibility, and rodent control is a notable improvement over conventional “pit style” levelers.

Improved Productivity and Security

An endless pit and vertical application can permit swing trailer doors to open inside the building once the trailer has backed into the dock, thus improving productivity and enhancing security. Since it is no longer necessary to stop short of the dock to open, close, or secure the trailer’s doors, reduced downtime will produce tangible results.

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix
Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix
Maintenance Considerations

Structural, mechanical, and hydraulic components are visible and easily accessible to maintenance personnel for adjustments, operational checks, and daily housekeeping. Increase productivity and efficiency with vertical storing levelers by eliminating time-consuming repositioning of trailers or unnecessary air exchange through an open dock door, a common problem with “pit style” levelers. Since vertical levelers store in front of the overhead door and incorporate side run-off guards, customers virtually eliminate door damage from impact with forklift trucks or staging products in and around dock doors.

Safety Features

  • Mechanical storage locking system for redundant safety storage
  • Blue safely stored indicator light on the control panel
  •  Constant pressure push-buttons
  •  Infinite lip control
  • 3” high run-off guards
  • It is stored with a slight tilt away from dock attendants.

The VS Series combines structural steel with a proven hydraulic operation to produce a safe and reliable hydraulic dock leveler. It has a maximum Comparative Industry Rating (CIR) of 50,000 lbs. All Poweramp Levelers are built with durable four-sided box construction. The use of structural steel C channels or I beams creates substantially more deck support than other levelers, as well as farther service range below dock

These levelers come in 6’, 6’6”, & 7’ standard widths and 5’ & 6’ standard lengths. Other lengths may be available upon request. Standard capacities for the VS Series are 40K, 45K, & 50K CIR (Comparative Industry Rating).

Nominal Size
VS-66 6′ x 6′
VS-68 6′ x 8′
VS-610 6′ x 10′
VS-612 6′ x 12′
VS-656 6’6″ x 6′
VS658 6’6″ x 8′
VS-6510 6’6″ x 10′
VS-6512 6’6″ x 12′
VS-76 7′ x 6′
VS-78 7′ x 8′
Design Features
Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility Solutions PhoenixSafety Stored Indicator Light

A blue light illuminates the control panel when the leveler is in the vertical position and the secondary prop is engaged.

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility Solutions PhoenixDeck Mounted or Remote/Stanchion Mounted Pump and Motor

The VS leveler can ship with either a remote-mounted pump and motor station or a leveler-mounted pump and motor station.

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility Solutions PhoenixEngineered Drawings

Each VS application is unique in its own way. Engineered drawings developed by Poweramp let all parties know the layout and details necessary for an efficient and working loading dock.

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility Solutions PhoenixFork Truck Run Off Guards

The VS leveler comes with fork truck run-off guards to prevent your fork trucks from leaving the leveler deck. This is a vital feature for continuous pit style applications.

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility Solutions PhoenixPush-Button Controlled Up, Down, and Lip Function

The VS control station provides push-button activation of the raise and lower function of the leveler as well as infinite control of the leveler lip position.

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility Solutions PhoenixHydraulic and Mechanical Storage Docks

A mechanical storage lock provides redundant safety while the leveler is in the stored position.

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility Solutions PhoenixAutomatic Safety Prop

A Trombetta valve-activated prop activates when the leveler is fully stored and automatically releases when the leveler lower button is depressed. This offers secondary support to the leveler and added protection to your employees.

Poweramp Hydraulic Dock Levelers, Spectrum Facility SolutionsConnect Online

Option to connect to myQ Dock Management and view the leveler activity online.

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