Commercial Garage Doors

Over the past 20 years, we have distinguished ourselves as the premier provider of Commercial Garage Doors in Arizona. Spectrum Facility Solutions offers a complete selection of performance and safety-tested industrial and Commercial Garage Doors, including sectional, rolling steel, and high-speed garage doors.

Commercial Garage Doors

With a business to run, you need a door, and dock equipment that looks good, keeps your buildings secure, and works like it’s supposed to every day.

Commercial Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix, AZ

Commercial Garage Doors – Maintenance Service, Repairs, and Installation Service in Arizona.

We offer a variety of commercial doors for buildings of all types, from large warehouses to small businesses. Our high-performing commercial door solutions are versatile and reliable, ensuring safe and easy access for your customers and employees. Our Garage Doors are Designed and Built to Last!

Versatile Options to Suit Any Commercial Door Need

Spectrum Facility Solutions offers various commercial doors from some of the industry’s most reliable and trusted brands. No two storefronts, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities are the same, so we carry various commercial door options to meet your needs as a business owner. You deserve a sleek, reliable, and secure garage door when you have a business to run.

Explore our selection of high-performance, long-lasting commercial doors.

Benefit from high-quality materials and excellent construction to keep your garage, storefront, or security door in perfect condition. Choose a design and style that’s purpose-built to suit the demands and budget of your business.

Commercial Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix, AZ
Commercial Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix, AZ
Sectionals Steel and Aluminium Doors

Commercial overhead doors are available in a wide range of thicknesses and energy-efficient options. Most commercial garage doors can be installed with a range of track and hardware options that best fit your building project needs.

Insulated Doors

Regarding insulated doors, you need a reliable temperature control solution that’s as energy-efficient as possible. Browse our insulated options, built to deliver applications with critical durability, strength, and energy efficiency.

Sectional Doors

We carry high-quality products that are supremely reliable while maintaining excellent energy efficiency. Our sectional doors are perfect for storage facilities, manufacturing, fire stations, and more. We also offer insulated options for added protection in a harsh climates.

Aluminum Glass Garage Doors

Modern Glass Garage Door gives your business a dependable, attractive solution that offers maximum visibility—engineered for long life, low maintenance, and enduring beauty. Contemporary glass doors will transform your business into a distinctive modern focal point. Access the beauty of natural light during the day and the warm glow at night with this practical, durable, and handsomely styled door.

Rolling Steel Doors

These doors are trendy and have a long history of excellence in the design and construction of doors that have met and often exceeded the needs and expectations of even the most critical projects.

With numerous innovations and experience acquired over the years, our manufacturer offers standard and custom-made doors from various materials and colors to meet almost any need. Whether it’s enormous rolling doors, protective fire doors, self-storage doors, or secure Accordion-Folding Grilles, you can feel confident with any Brand; you will get the best possible solution for your building application needs.

Rolling Service Doors

When operating a high-traffic facility with limited space, you need a way to allow people in and out of the building safely and efficiently. Our durable rolling service doors are the best option. As stylish as they are reliable, rolling doors come in many different finishes and slat profiles to keep your business looking professional and working like a well-oiled machine.

Security Doors

In the event of a break-in or other emergency, your biggest concern is keeping employees, customers, and other visitors safe. Gain the peace of mind of added protection with security doors.

Fire Doors

Where fire protection and safety are crucial and, essentially, lives. Rolling Steel Fire Doors are a simple and innovative solution for safety and fire protection needs. The certified and labeled fire protection doors offer a reliable, practical solution for commercial, industrial, or retail projects. These Commercial Fire Doors also feature a quiet and smooth operation that’s easy to test with no compromise on aesthetics.

Spectrum Facility Solutions, Commercial Garage Doors & Service Mesa AZ
Commercial Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix, AZ
Emergency Services High Performance. Spectrum Facility Solution
Food & Cold Storage High Performance Spectrum Facility Solutions
High Performace Doors

Your fast-paced and rugged workplace demands tough, reliable doors that give you peace of mind. With our high-performance doors, you don’t have to choose between durability and speed. Our high-speed doors are faster than conventional roll-up doors but don’t compromise security or reliability. Spectrum Facility Solutions offers the doors you need, especially for applications with the following:

  • Rugged, harsh environments
  • Door impact concerns
  • High pressure and wind load
  • High traffic conditions
Hörmann High-Performance Doors

Hörmann High-Performance Doors is committed to providing the best quality, value, and selection of German-engineered and American-made products. Whether industrial doors or commercial doors, we have the high-speed roll-up door you’re looking for. Their product line accommodates any roll-up door application with the right product from one high-speed door manufacturer.

Hörmann TNR Rubber Doors

The TNR Rubber Series provides increased performance with all the fundamental features of the high-performance series but is redesigned for increased security, ease of maintenance, installation, and improved reliability. TNR Industrial doors are also easy to install and offer efficient, safe operation and high impact resistance in many heavy-duty applications.

Commercial Repair Service

Spectrum Facility Solutions offers a full-service garage door repair list in the greater Arizona area. Our repair services include any part of your garage door or opener that may be worn or broken. We are proud that our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide our repair services on all makes and models of garage doors and evaluate any problem that arises.

Our Garage Door Repair Services Include the following:
  • Preventative maintenance
  • New garage door installation
  • Bent or misaligned track repair
  • Off-track or noisy door repair
  • New garage door opener installation
  • A bent or Broken roller repair and replacement
  • Repair a broken garage door cable replacement
  • Broken garage door spring replacement

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience working with all brands of garage doors. With this experience, they can solve any problem quickly and efficiently. Their expertise goes beyond the standard repairs that are most common but includes all 300 moving parts of the garage door system.

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