Loading Dock Yard Ramps

Yard Ramps, also called Portable Loading Ramps or Portable Loading Docks, are a safe and cost-effective answer to many loading dock issues. Bluff Manufacturing has built more yard ramps than anyone, by far. Our standard design translates into a custom solution that is quickly delivered to your job site and lasts for many years.

Bluff Manufacturing Loading Dock Yard Ramps

Most yard ramps perform one of two functions. They allow traffic from the ground up into a truck bed or from the dock level down to the ground. Which of these jobs you choose to do will dictate which of the designs will be most appropriate for your application.

Portable Steel Yard Ramp

Portable Steel Yard Ramps, also known as Mobile Loading Dock Ramps, make unloading trucks and railcars easy. Quickly unload freight where no dock access exists. Portable Yard Ramps facilitate unloading safely and efficiently. Dock access is no longer a problem when a portable yard ramp is available.


  • All steel welded construction
  • Capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 pounds
  • Wide range of capacities and sizes available
  • Solid rubber tires standard, pneumatic tires optional
  • Steel serrated grating
  • Double-action hydraulic pump

The yard ramp is simply moved into position at trailers, railcars, or docks. The operator utilizes a self-contained, double-acting hydraulic pump to adjust the unit to the proper position. In minutes you are ready to load or unload the freight.

Yard Ramp Features

Hydraulic Pump

  • Double-acting
  • Two hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic system allows for the smooth and quick raising of the front lip of the yard ramp to the proper dock or trailer height. Simply open the release valve to safely lower the unit into position. The pump is mounted internally to protect it from accidental damage.

Undercarriage Assembly
  • Tubular steel box undercarriage assembly
  • 18″ solid rubber pneumatic profile tires

Heavy-duty wheels and solid rubber, pneumatic profile tires easily position yard ramps. Standard Yard ramps are available in 30′ and 36′ lengths without wheel assemblies for stationary dock installations.

Ramp Clamp

The optional ramp clamp assists the operator in moving yard ramps over short distances. Forklift tine inserts into the swiveling lift loop and is secured by a locking device.

  • Serrated for Traction
  • Self-Cleaning

Serrated grating provides excellent traction, and the open design prevents water, snow, oil, grease, and miscellaneous debris buildup. The lower-end approach plate provides maximum support and smooth transition onto the ramp grating surface.

  • Heavy-duty formed steel side girders provide the main load-bearing capability.
  • Steel side girders welded to steel Z members form a superior frame

Multiple Z cross members are welded to the side girders, and then self-cleaning steel grating is welded to the Z members to form a one-piece unitized yard ramp.

Safety Chain

Standard safety chains hold yard ramps securely to the trailer or dock.

Tow Bar

The optional towbar features a fast-locking, easy hook-up to yard ramps, making towing over long distances practical. A quick disconnect feature improves handling efficiency.

Loading Dock Yard Ramps, Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix
Steel Yard amp® With Casters

All Steel Welded Construction

  • Capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 pounds with level off
  • Steel serrated grating
  • Steel casters with polyurethane for durability and smoother movement
  • The beveled approach provides a smooth transition (available for 20K capacity and above)
  • Choose a 36’ unit, including a 6’ level off for ground-to-truck or railcar applications.

Advantages of the Yard Ramp® Model with Casters

  • Simple movement with ramp clamp or tow bar
  • Lower maintenance costs compared with hydraulic pumps or electric motors
  • Durable steel casters and adjustable legs
  • The normal service range is 42” to 59”, but special orders can accommodate different heights.
Loading Dock Yard Ramps, Spectrum Facility Solutions Phoenix
Steel Platforms

Portable Loading Docks, also known as Mobile Dock Platforms and Steel Platforms, allow a forklift to make 90 degrees turn into a truck and/or boxcar. Used primarily where space will not allow a standard Yard Ramp to be used.

Place a Bluff Portable Loading Dock in front of any dock or railcar door, and you will be able to serve three loading/unloading positions simultaneously. Portable Dock affords 90-degree turnability for safe forklift maneuvering. Portable Dock is a fast, economical way to expand your dock area and increase freight handling capabilities without the expense of site or concrete work.

Portable Docks can easily be relocated to other areas of your yard where a free-standing loading dock may be needed. This means more trucks or railcars can be serviced while freeing up other critical dock doors. Portable Loading Docks and a Bluff Yard Ramp can serve as a satellite unloading area for remote areas.

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