Loading Dock Services & Repairs

Spectrum Facility Solutions, Commercial Doors was established to provide our customers with exemplary Loading Dock Services.  We realize that your time is valuable, and loading docks are an essential part of your facility’s operation.  With our longstanding expertise in the industry, we know what you need to improve your loading dock functions, save time, and also money.

Loading Dock Services

Loading Dock Services for dock equipment is relatively common because they are high-traffic, weight-bearing areas. The constant use of forklifts and pallet jacks cause wear and damage to the dock area and directly affect safety and productivity. The loading dock equipment most affected by this is the dock leveler located in the concrete pit.

Every piece of loading dock equipment is essential, as any component creates safety risks and the danger of downtime if it is damaged or worn out.eft, intrusion, and more.

Your business needs:
  • Effective surveys of all loading dock equipment.
  • A proactive maintenance program.
Warehouse Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Dock Leveler Service
  • Warehouse Dock & Door Service
  • Loading Dock Seal Service
  • Vehicle Restraint Service
  • Free Loading Door Analysis Service
  • All Repair & Maintenance Services
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Spectrum Facility Solutions, Commercial Garage Doors & Service Mesa AZ
Reducing Injury and Equipment Damage:

No matter your needs, we can supply and install the products that keep your business operating safely, productively, and efficiently.

Dock Leveler Repair

We  offer repair and maintenance for all categories of dock levelers:

  • Hydraulic repair: we provide care and repair for all hydraulic dock leveling equipment brands. Additionally, we service controls, interlock systems, and dock signaling systems.
  • Mechanical repair: for non-powered dock leveling equipment, we fix and maintain springs and all other components that need service.
  • Air Bag Replacement: we provide bag replacement and inspection for many types of air-powered levelers.
  • Edge-of-Dock Repair: We offer repair and maintenance and dock bumper replacement as required for edge-of-dock equipment.
New Construction

Whether it is a 100 dock installation for a distribution facility or the replacement of an existing dock leveler or seals, we have proven experience with 20+ Years of completing projects on time and on budget.

Loading Dock Maintenance Services to Maximize Safety & Efficiency

Consider a regular maintenance and inspection agreement to keep your dock levelers, bumpers, trailer restraints, interlock systems, and other loading dock equipment in perfect condition. Regularly maintaining your equipment can avoid costly downtime and unexpected repair charges. Raymond West offers affordable, convenient maintenance programs to keep your dock equipment in good working order.

Steps of a Thorough Equipment Maintenance Evaluation

Our technicians thoroughly clean equipment and components to ensure a more efficient workplace and also longer life. This detailed cleaning prevents dirt and debris from clogging working parts and causing premature wear.


The technicians will apply lubricants in places to ensure your equipment works efficiently. Thoroughly lubricated parts reduce downtime since components are protected from wear, moisture, and corrosion.


We will make all the necessary adjustments to components, ensuring that equipment works smoothly and consistently. Precise adjustment by a skilled professional ensures that time is not wasted, and improper changes to loading dock equipment do not create hazards.


During our inspection process, our technicians will bring even small problems to your attention before they become significant issues. Through this process, we’re able to provide maintenance solutions as you need them.


All maintenance, service, and replacement of parts should be documented. Written documentation will support your ongoing repair and maintenance service and also that you are still liable for the product warranty.

Spectrum Facility Solutions, Commercial Garage Doors & Service Mesa AZ
Loading Dock Services & Repairs, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix AZ

Construction Services to Maximize Safety & Efficiency

We provide construction and building services from all phases of the design and construction process to maintaining and improving facilities. Specialty repair work includes saw cut/demo concrete and asphalt, placing and finishing all concrete, carbon fiber concrete reinforcement, specialized waterproofing systems, deck coatings, loading dock equipment repair/ installation, and installation of material lifts.

Services, Commercial Door, Loadng Dock, Spectrum Facility Solutions AZ
Pit Construction

We specialize in complete dock leveler pit construction.  From start to finish, we are able to handle any pit construction your facility may need.  We are able to construct new dock leveler pits from scratch as well as repair current dock pits.

Concrete Cutting

We provide concrete cutting and coring services for projects of all sizes, from large industrial projects to small commercial jobs. Our construction services include walls, floors, foundations, slabs, and curbs as well as concrete that is hard to reach and reinforced concrete.

Bollard Repair or Installation

Core drilling bollards are the safest way and most secure way to install a bollard into concrete surfaces. These installations provide maximum security and ensure the bollards cannot be tampered with as they are a solid installation.

Every part of loading dock equipment, from a repair to an annual maintenance service, is essential to ensure safety and the danger of downtime if damaged or degraded.

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