Amarr Energy Efficient Polyurethane-Insulated Commercial Door

Energy Efficient Polyurethane Insulated Doors, Spectrum Facility

The Perfect Blend of Strength & Beauty

Amarr Energy Efficient Polyurethane Insulated Steel products are our top-of-the-line doors; constructed using HCFC-free polyurethane insulation to create a robust monolithic panel. Heavy-duty 14-gauge minimum galvanized steel hinges standard. And also products, Polyurethane Insulated offers the all right options to meet your needs – from an R-value of 28.0 to modern flush panel to custom colors, the possibilities are endless.

Energy Efficient Polyurethane Insulated Commercial Steel

Our energy-efficient doors offer foamed-in-place insulated sections for maximum savings and performance for strength, security, and thermal efficiency. Polyurethane insulation bonds the front and back steel panels of our energy-efficient exterior doors as one unit, preventing thermal transfer to the interior of the door and providing an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio.

High R-Value Doors to Meet All Your Needs

Six different models of triple-layer, foamed-in-place polyurethane insulated doors provide energy-efficient solutions for various commercial applications.

Energy Efficient Polyurethane Insulated Doors, Spectrum Facility
Polyurethane Insulated Amarr 2743

This Super-Duty top-of-the-line high R-value door is constructed using 27-gauge exterior steel and foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation with a superior energy efficient R-value of 28.0.

3″ Super-Duty

Superior Energy Efficiency

Exceptional performance for long-term value

Polyurethane Insulated Amarr 2042

Extra Heavy-Duty 20ga steel door with 2″ polyurethane insulation and steel interior for strength and energy efficiency.

2″ Extra Heavy-Duty

High Energy Efficiency

Flush Modern Look

Energy Efficient Polyurethane Insulated Doors, Spectrum Facility
Energy Efficient Polyurethane Insulated Doors, Spectrum Facility
Polyurethane Insulated Amarr 2742

Amarr’s Sectional Steel 2742 energy-efficient doors provide durability and excellent interior climate control with a 27-gauge steel front panel on a 2” insulated sectional door. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

2″ Heavy-Duty

High energy efficiency

Best-selling insulated commercial door

Pencil groove design for added strength

Amarr 2741 Polyurethane Insulated, Spectrum Facility Solutions
Polyurethane Insulated Amarr 2747

Replacement section with polyurethane insulation to replace any 1-5/8″ door. The wide groove exterior design and popular shiplap profile make it perfect for replacement sections or full doors. It comes with a 10-year warranty and has a max standard width of 24′ 2″ and a max standard height of 26′ 1″.


Versatile replacement section

Compatible with other manufacturer’s shiplap doors

Polyurethane Insulated Amarr 2741

Medium-Duty 27ga steel door with 1-3/8″ polyurethane insulation provides energy efficiency at a great value.

1-3/8″ Medium-Duty

Energy efficient

Competitively priced

Energy Efficient Polyurethane Insulated Doors, Spectrum Facility

From insulated commercial sectional doors constructed of heavy-duty steel to sturdy, lightweight aluminum or insulated overhead doors to rolling steel doors. Find a complete line of high-quality commercial doors to meet your individual needs. Discover energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance in high-performance overhead doors designed for your fire station garage, storage facility, or other industrial applications.

Excellent Service from Start to Finish

We also offer a complete line of Genie, Micanan, and LiftMaster operators and accessories to complement a large assortment of commercial and building design applications. From the estimate to the completion of the job, Spectrum Facility Solution offers the complete commercial service you deserve and should expect!

Amarr’s Commercial Sectional Door Collection

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