Raynor Commercial Garage Doors

Explore our extensive line of Raynor Commercial Garage Doors, from thermal efficiency and extreme durability, rolling steel garage doors to architecturally inspired models. Find the right garage door for your building application, including commercial, industrial, agricultural, and loading dock garage doors.

Raynor Commercial Garage Doors are Strong, Durable, & Versatile

Spectrum Facility Solution is a proud dealer for the Raynor Commercial Collection. The Raynor Door Company is an industry leader in high-quality commercial overhead doors, and we will help you select the door type that best fits your business needs. And we also offer commercial door service and door repair throughout all of Arizona.

After installation, we offer maintenance services for your door system to keep it running smoothly and safely. Our service techs are certified in the maintenance and installation of all Brand Garage Doors and Operators to keep your purchase operating smoothly and quietly for your business.

Sectional Steel Garage Doors

Raynor has a large variety of sectional doors to meet the needs of our customers. There are Steel Pan doors, Steel Sandwich Insulated doors, and Aluminum doors. The steel pan doors are also available with insulation and backer panels. Several window sizes and options are available as well for all doors.

Sectional Steel Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix AZ

Commercial Aluminum Glass Doors

Every AlumaView Door is Built for Superior Performance!

AlumaView doors have long been the standard fixture for facilities that require dependable, attractive doors that offer maximum visibility. The extruded aluminum frame can be finished with a choice of anodizing or ArmorBrite™ powder coat. AlumaView door sections are a full 1¾”, 2”, or 3” thick.


Thermal Sectional Garage Doors

Our durable, energy-efficient sectional garage door. Our exclusive process fills 100% of the door’s interior space with energy-saving polyurethane foam insulation to deliver exceptional R-values. This process also provides superior foam density for excellent structural integrity. All Thermaseal doors are available with an IECC-compliant option. For maximum thermal protection, choose ThermaSeal for your commercial, industrial, agricultural, or loading dock applications.

Sectional Steel Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix AZ
Sectional Steel Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix AZ

TC Series

Thermal Sectional Garage Doors

With a proven track record for thermal efficiency and extreme durability, Raynor TC Series is simply the best you can specify. With extruded polystyrene insulation thermally bonded between two steel skins, TC 300/320 doors have an exceptional R-value of 17.05, with TC200 doors. featuring a 10.25 R-value. Its superior construction has made it the most specified sectional garage door on the market for industrial and agricultural applications.


Sectional Ribbed Doors

Rugged SteelForm™ garage doors are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. SteelForm door sections are a full 2″ thick and made of hot-dipped galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance. Ideal for your busy loading dock door application, where reliability and durability are important.

Sectional Steel Garage Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix AZ

Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Over Half a Century, Contractors and Business Owners have counted on Raynor commercial rolling doors and take great pride in fast, individualized product information and service. Whether your project requires doors for indoor or outdoor use, roll-up steel garage and service doors can be an efficient and practical choice.

From rolling counter doors and shutters are perfect for concession stands while grilles offer you security and visibility for your facility to insulated rolling steel doors for warehouses. We have a solution for almost any application.

Rolling Steel Garage Doors & Service, Spectrum Facility Solution, Mesa AZ

DuraCoil™ – Rolling Service Doors

Rugged • Versatility

Rugged rolling service doors are an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications. Available with steel, stainless steel, or aluminum slats in a variety of gauges, Raynor doors are built to last, And with five available slat types – flat, insulated flat, small contour, large contour, or perforated – Rolling Service doors offer a style to fit any application.

DuraCoil™ HP

High Performance Rolling Service Doors

This door was engineered for high cycle operation. It offers increased energy savings with a faster speed to open and close. With soft start and stop this door has the smoothest operation. It is also springless, creating the most low-maintenance service door we offer.

Rolling Steel Garage Doors & Service, Spectrum Facility Solution, Mesa AZ
Rolling Steel Garage Doors & Service, Spectrum Facility Solution, Mesa AZ

DuraShutter™ – Rolling Counter Shutters

Rugged • Versatile • Secure

Designed for a variety of common applications, Raynor Rolling Counter Shutters provide reliability and durability to meet or exceed the requirements of daily use.

Rolling counter shutters are available in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum and are ideal for retail and commercial facilities where appearance and dependability are essential. Also available with 188 ArmorBrite powder-coated colors.

Fire-Rated Doors

Rugged • Versatility

Raynor fire doors have long been the standard fixture for facilities where fire protection and safety are crucial. Also, offered in a variety of sizes, Fire-rated doors are UL- and FM-labeled, strong, and extremely dependable. And also available in steel or stainless steel in a variety of gauge and slat styles – flat, insulated flat, large contour, or small contour.

Offered in Gray, Tan, White, Galvanized, or any of 188 ArmorBrite™ powder-coated colors, FireCoil doors have up to 4-hour ratings for maximum protection. Use Hoist operators for an easy reset after a fire alarm.

Rolling Steel Garage Doors & Service, Spectrum Facility Solution, Mesa AZ
Rolling Steel Garage Doors & Service, Spectrum Facility Solution, Mesa AZ


Rugged • Visibility • Security

When security or visibility are primary considerations, choose a rolling grille door from our attractive DuraGrille™ series. The grille pattern, available in straight or brick, offers an unobstructed view of displays and merchandise. DuraGrille security grilles offer protection against theft and vandalism, all with a contemporary look. DuraGrille security grills are ideal for storefronts and interior applications, such as concessions, cafeterias, and retail shops.

Excellent Service from Start to Finish

We offer the most extensive Commercial Garage Doors in the industry.  Whether you need a full-view door for a restaurant, a durable sectional steel door, or an energy-efficient rolling door for a climate-controlled warehouse. We also offer a complete line of Genie, Micanan, and LiftMaster operators, and accessories to complement a large assortment of commercial and building design applications.

From the estimate to the completion of the job, Spectrum Facility Solution offers the complete commercial service that you deserve and should expect:

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