Hormann High Performance Doors

At Spectrum Facility Solutions, our suppliers are the industry leaders in Commercial high-speed doors. Each of our suppliers is committed to providing the best quality, value, and selection of doors on the market.

We have the high-speed door you’re looking for, whether industrial or commercial. Give us a call and speak to our expert staff, as we can provide solutions for even the most demanding installations.

High Performance Doors, Spectrum Facility Solutions, Phoenix, AZ

Hormann High Performance Doors

High-Performance Doors make operations seamless across any organization—experience unparalleled speed, design, and hybrid technology for maximum performance and affordability.

TNR and Hörmann Industrial doors are the perfect solutions for parking, commercial, warehousing, food and beverage processing, retail automotive, manufacturing, cold storage, mining, and many others.

Hörmann High Performance Doors

Hörmann High Performance Doors is committed to providing the best quality, value, and selection of German-engineered and American-made products. Whether industrial doors or commercial doors, we have the high-speed roll-up door you’re looking for. Their product line gives you the ability to accommodate any roll-up door application with the right product from one high speed door manufacturer.

German Engineered, American Made

Optimal access to your facility that is functional, reliable, and easy to use is what you can expect from Hormann High Performance Doors.

Speed Commander Series
Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL is ideal for interior doorways up to 14’0″ wide x 16’0″ high in the following applications: pharmaceutical, hospitals, beverage, manufacturing, commercial buildings, general industry, and more.

Speed Master Series
Industrial Doors | Fabric High Speed Roll-Up Doors

The Speed-Master® Series is designed for door openings up to 14’0″ wide x 16’0″ high. Manufacturing and industrial markets rely on the Speed-Master® to maintain environmental control in tough environments.

Speed Guardian Series
Speed-Guardian™ Series High Performance – Low-Speed Rigid Security Door

Maintain a consistent appearance 360° around the building; this is the Speed-Guardian™ model to choose for areas where looks are mandatory, but fast operating speeds are not. This is the perfect door for peripheral service entrances/exits for retail automotive facilities where fast operating speeds are unnecessary but aesthetics are crucial.

 Steel Ranger Series

The Steel Ranger™ is in a class above traditional rolling steel doors. With a wind load rating up to 88 mph, direct-drive, springless operation, extremely strong Decotherm® panel, and fast operating speeds, this revolutionary high performance rolling steel door is the model to choose as an alternative to traditional rolling steel doors in high cycle applications.

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